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Our experience with the Dynamic Scale Loop (DSL) from Techbox Systems has been exemplary, making our latest purchase, our third DSL, a testament to the value these units bring to our operations.  Each unit, including this most recent acquisition, has proven to be incredibly user-friendly, allowing for straightforward operation right out of the box.  The software accompanying the DSL is intuitive, making setup and navigation a breeze, which significantly enhances our operational efficiency.

The construction quality of the DSL by Techbox Systems is noteworthy.  It is evident that Techbox Systems prioritizes durability and design, as the DSL is constructed with high-quality materials, resulting in a product that is not only durable but also has a professional and sleek appearance.

Support from Techbox Systems has been outstanding. The level of customer service they provide is unparalleled, offering prompt and effective solutions whenever we’ve needed assistance. Their team’s responsiveness to support requests is remarkable, with responses often received within just a few hours.  Overall, our satisfaction with the DSL from Techbox Systems remains high, and this third purchase reinforces our confidence in their products and services.  The DSL has undoubtedly become an invaluable asset to our operations, enhancing our capabilities and efficiency.

Khoa Ky
MPS PC MENA & ASA Technical Service Manager
Schlumberger Production Chemistry


Having purchased a Dynamic Scale Loop H400 unit for our overseas lab, I am happy  to say I have been very impressed with your services. The training before we received the unit , back up  during set-up and the ongoing technical support has been excellent. The unit is now central to our product development and allows us the flexibility to create specific products for our clients needs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf 

Len Rasor  BSc(Hons)
Senior Production Chemist
Crikem Industries Ltd.SA


Jacam Catalyst has been using Techbox Systems dynamic scale loops for many years with great success.  With the recent acquisition of three more systems, we have been thoroughly pleased with the performance, repeatability, and ease of use of these instruments.  The equipment is quick to setup and very robust to operate, even in a variety of challenging test conditions.

Justin Disney
Director of Laboratory and R&D Services                    
Jacam Catalyst


I have purchased both the corrosion wheel and DSL instruments from Techbox Systems and have been extremely satisfied. James helped me get familiar with the instruments and is always quick to respond when I have questions. He is very knowledgeable when parts need to be replaced. I would highly recommend Techbox Systems for anyone looking for performance testing capabilities.

Bryan Ogden
Martin Water Labs
Midland, Tx USA

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