Single Cold Finger (CF1)

a Wax Cold Finger (CF1) contraption with a Julabo refrigerated bath

Techbox Systems CF1

Techbox Systems cold finger apparatus enables fast and efficient screening of wax inhibitors. CF1 is a low cost, basic, single cell system. To reduce costs the standard unit can be supplied without a water bath, hotplate stirrer or beaker which many laboratories already have.

The unit operates using a “cold finger” submerged in warm test oil. If the cold finger is below the wax appearance temperature of the sample the wax will come out of solution and stick to the cooled surface. This wax can then be quantified by weighing and further analysis performed on the sample if required.

graphic schematic of a Multi Place Cold Finger device by Techbox


Cold Finger

a detached Cold Finger made of stainless steel in a white background

As standard, the unit is supplied with a 12mm diameter cold finger manufactured from 316 stainless steel. This contains a dip tube to aid coolant flow.

The cold finger is easily removed for weighing and cleaning.

a browned cold finger is being removed for weighing and cleaning

Kit as supplied

The unit is supplied with a temperature display unit and a temperature sensor in the cold finger assembly. Once the cold finger is connected to the water bath, the bath temperature is adjusted until the required cold finger temperature is displayed.

The system uses easy to understand colour coded piping with easy to disconnect fittings.

Number of samples
240V or 110V
Sample temperature
Ambient to +90°C
Cold finger temperature
-15°C to +60°C
Sample volume
100 or 250ml Bottle*
Temperature display unit
Supplied as standard
Tubing and clips
Supplied as standard
Refrigerated Water Bath
Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer

* 250ml supplied as standard

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Single Cold Finger (CF1)

Single Cold Finger (CF1)


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