Coaxial Cold Finger CW1

a Coaxial Cold Finger (CW1) with a Julabo refrigerated bath and a laptop
The Coaxial Cold Finger apparatus enables the screening of wax (paraffin) inhibitors at a set shear rate. The unit is fully computer controlled to provide repeatable results.
Techbox Systems coaxial cold finger comprises a static cold finger with a rotor turning around the finger at a set speed. The required bulk oil temperature, cold finger temperature and shear rate are all computer controlled.

The software automatically calculates the speed of the rotor to achieve the required shear rate. It also constantly monitors both the bulk oil and cold finger temperatures to ensure they remain within the required parameters.

The rotor is directly driven by a high torque motor enabling testing of even viscous fluids.

The cold finger can be removed for weighing both before and after the test to quantify the deposited wax.

By comparing the amount of deposited wax, it is possible to establish the effectiveness of the inhibitor.

CF1 Software

The software displays and graphs cold finger temperature, bulk oil temperature and shear rate. The data can be saved to file if required.

A schematic on the screen shows live data from the test.

a detached silvery Cold Finger & Rotor on some brown flat wood

Cold Finger & Rotor

The rotor and cold finger are easily removed for weighing and cleaning.

a Cold Finger with some brown wax deposits with wires in the background

Cold Finger with Wax Deposits

Typical wax (paraffin) deposition at the end of a test. The cold finger is then removed and re-weighed.


  • Bulk oil temperature ranges from ambient to 90°C
  • High accuracy cold finger temperature measurement and recording.
  • High accuracy bulk oil temperature measurement and recording.
  • High accuracy shear rate measurement and recording.
  • Fully automated.
  • Available as 110V or 240V.
  • Cold finger temperature -20°C to 90°C
  • Latest, user friendly windows based Techbox software.
  • Supplied with high quality Julabo refrigerated water bath.
  • Small sample volumes.
  • Data saved in Excel compatible format.
  • Supplied with a laptop computer with the control software pre-installed.
  • Supplied with full instruction manual.
  • Directly driven rotor suitable for even viscous fluids which could not be used in a magnetically driven unit.
  • Brushless motor for long life.
  • Digital speed control giving true shear rate.
  • Removable cold finger for weighing.

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Coaxial Cold Finger CW1

Coaxial Cold Finger CW1


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