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a Knauer beaker filled with three test tubes filled with colored liquid

A. By using high quality pumps and accurate transducers the results obtained by Techbox Systems dynamic scale loops are incredibly repeatable. It is usual to run a test 3 times to check all results are similar.

A. The Techbox Systems dynamic scale loop accurately simulates real world conditions. Standard machines operate up to 400 Bar (5800 Psig) and 250°C

A. The Techbox Systems dynamic scale loop is fully automatic. Once a test is initiated, the machine can be left and up to 20 different concentrations of inhibitor can be tested before a cleaning cycle commences. Testing can be undertaken overnight or at weekends greatly reducing the chemist’s time.

A. Dynamic scale loops are high quality precision instruments which should last many years. We have customers using machines which are well over 10 years old!
We offer unlimited advice and stock a range of spare parts which we can dispatch quickly should the need arise. We provide a standard one-year return to base warranty in the unlikely event that you should have any issues with our machines.
Prior to purchase we are happy to offer a demonstration of our machines in our workshop/laboratory or via video call where you will have a chance to ask any questions that come to mind.

A. The dynamic scale loop gives repeatable results based on the time it takes for scale to form in a test capillary coil with different inhibitors present.

A. The Techbox Systems dynamic scale loops use dual piston pumps rather than a pressure vessel to prevent pulsation in the differential pressure trace. This is much safer, as in the unlikely event of a leak, only a few drops of test fluid will be lost compared with the potential for a large quantity of hot fluid at high pressure stored in a pressure vessel.

A. The Techbox Systems dynamic scale loop has a built-in cleaning program with up to 5 steps. The test will stop automatically once scale deposition reaches a set level within the test capillary coil. A cleaning fluid followed by deionised water will then pass through the test coil to clean it ready for the next test.

A. We aim to keep all parts in stock in order to prevent delays to our customers. We build each machine to your specification and endeavour to do this as quickly as possible once we have received order confirmation. After dispatch our freight forwarder can keep you updated at all times and will liaise with you prior to shipping to try and prevent delays at customs if applicable.

A. We normally arrange shipping on behalf of our customer. Once we have received your enquiry, we will contact our freight forwarder and obtain a rate for your delivery.
You are welcome to arrange your own shipping if you wish.

A. All of our machines are custom built to our customers exact specification. If you should require a customised quotation please get in touch with your requirements and we will be happy to provide more information –

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